November 19, 2013

The clock is ticking for the Other Nations...

We know that there is a window until the Moshiach comes, and we think we can shorten that time by following the statutes....etc.

The other nations on the other hand are following the plan unknowingly.
They are 100% completely irrelevant.

This is all about us...the MOT.
It is our responsibility to worry about following the 613.

It always comes down to  where the line is.
When do we Daven and when do we fight?

We always fight to protect our family from the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's....

The leadership of Israel is heading in the wrong direction.
Israel needs Torah leadership.
Not a statesman, not a politician.

Michael Ben-Ari?
Moshe Feiglin?

Meir Kahane .....where are you?
We need you now more than ever!!

Kahane Tzadak!!

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