November 26, 2013

Rep. Louie Gohmert: The Intentional Betrayal of Israel

I was talking to a general who was the commander of an Air Force base in Germany.  And he’s been appointed by the President to his current position. I said — just curious, how long does it take to get from your base in Germany to Benghazi, Libya?  He said three and a half hours, and you make it there easy.  And I said — three and a half hours?  

And then he realized what I’m thinking about.  He said — oh, but listen, we had planes, and their ordinance wasn’t set up.  And it takes a long time to get our planes set up.  We had people on the Mediterranean, we had special forces, we had people that could’ve been there.  They didn’t send them.

And I did talk to a survivor of Benghazi back in February.  And I didn’t go public with it.  And friends at Fox wanted to talk to him.  He is a wonderful young man, army ranger.  His name has now come out, but not through me — David Ubben.  He was on the roof with Ty Woods and Glen Dougherty when they were giving cover for other employees.

And David — since some of this has come out, and I was asked by Catherine Herridge some questions; I emailed David, and I said — you mind if I answer?  I’ll follow your wishes.  And he said — use your own discretion.

Well, I asked David about the mortars that came in that killed Ty and Glen and took most of David’s right leg; they’ve been reconstructing for a year.  And he said — well, there were three rounds that came in.  For those of you that are been in the military, you know, they teach you if you’re using mortars or artillery shells, you fire three rounds.  Then it’s a very basic triangulation question.  But the fourth round, mortar or artillery round, should be right on top of the person that you’re trying to hit.

Course, when you’re in the infantry, they tell you if you have three rounds go off around you, you better get the heck out of Dodge, because the next one’s in your lap.  And so when David said that, I said — oh, they bracketed you.  And he said no no no, no.  They didn’t need to bracket us; they knew exactly where they were firing those rounds.  They knew.  They were prepared.  They knew exactly where they were firing them.

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