November 27, 2013

Middle East Peace Plan

The easiest solution to the conflict is to enable the vast majority of Arab/Muslim/Nazi's to emigrate. So, how do we encourage them to emigrate without a major war?

These Arab/Muslim/Nazi's are disgusted with the conflict and the fact that they don't really care. They prefer to start a new life elsewhere.
They simply do not have the financial capability to do so.
They would like to go  to the Gulf States and Canada.

Many Western states currently suffer from negative demographics - less than two children per family. They are anxious to absorb skilled immigrants such as these Arabs who have learned quite a lot from Israel over the past sixty years.
Unless they factor in the potential for importing terrorists and weeding them out ahead of time.

There are a very large amount of Arab/Muslim/Nazi immigrants that have engulfed the Western world in just the last 10 or 20 years.

This points to the fact that this solution is entirely possible.
Israel must make available to the Arabs all the resources necessary to encourage this trend.

Factor in Israels large waste of money, on these Arab/Muslim/Nazi's for welfare, security etc...and the money needed to "help" them leave is apparent.

So the question is exactly how much money can Israel give to each family to leave and some sort of system to determine the fair amount.

Understand is that this is our land - not theirs.
The question is if Israel really wants peace or if the "Peace Process" is just a euphemism for getting rid of the settlements that force Jewish identity on Israel's tiny "elite".

These are Feiglins ideas and I support them fully.

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