November 16, 2013

Al-Jazeera's not-so-secret agenda

Amira El-Adly is a young intellectual Egyptian woman who is equally sharp-tongued and charming. She boldly represents the National Salvation Front, which supports General Sisi's temporary regime in Egypt as it prepares to amend the constitution in a lead-up to new democratic elections

It's amazing to watch this intelligent woman boldly and brilliantly challenging the benighted Islamists on the hostile al-Jazeera network, serving as a voice for the National Salvation Front's millions of supporters who regard the theocratic and dictatorial regime of the Muslim Brotherhood as a disaster for Egypt. 

Ms. Adly gives back as good as she gets despite chauvinistic put-downs by the al-Jazeera anchormen and her Islamist rivals on screen. 

Ever since Mubarak's ouster, the Qatari television network has waged a campaign of total support for the Muslim Brotherhood, through interviews and news coverage characterized by an ideological agenda and bias against 
Egypt's temporary government.

In debates, Ms. Adly is often seated opposite bearded men who speak to her in a verbally abusive and derisive fashion, which clearly stems from the fact that she is a woman. They would never dare to speak that way to a man, even an ideological opponent.

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