November 25, 2013

A Jewish Country - Kahane

Kahanists do not want to hurt anyone.
We will set up camps to shove them all into ovens is different from -
We will return fire until they are all dead.

JDL and Kahane are only needed to defend Jews!

This isn't about punishment or retribution, it's about survival. The time is here when far more evil is around the corner.

Kahanist's do not believe in KILL THEM ALL, WIPE THEM OUT.

Israel has a weak government, with a kahanist government, Israel would be strong. The arabs will flee.

There is story about Kahane and how to deal with arab rioters.
The IDF said to fire in the air, and they could only shoot after being shot at. Meir went into the area's with riots and as soon as they heard "kahane", they ran away yelling "KAHANE, KAHANE, KAHANE".

So Kahane used to say, if he became prime minister, not a single Arab would be killed! ( except those that resist and fire at our soldiers, will be killed)

Jordan understands the problem: were the rest of the Palestinian Arabs relocated to Jordan, the Hashemite ruling class would be outnumbered by the Palestinian demographics.

It would no longer be the Hashemite kingdom, so they need to go elsewhere.

Familiar sounding....
The Jordanians remember the conflict between Palestinian guerrilla organizations and King Hussein of Jordan that began in September 1970 and ended in July 1971 with the expulsion of the PLO to Lebanon (Black September).

Consider the Jordanians knowing that when Trans-Jordan was created in 1922 its purpose was to be the 3rd eventual Palestinian state. They're know that world opinion could change and the answer would be to send the "refugees" to Jordan.

Then of course there is the Jordanian problem with what happens when the West Bank is made a Palestinian State. The bulk of Jordanians ARE Palistinian. They know that when the "West Bank" has too much population they will expand to the east, and overthrow the monarchy.

So let's skip the middle man, send the refugees to Jordan now...whether they want to go or not.
World opinion is bogus, they all hate the Jews that they percieve to be Israeli's.
The annapolis LeConde (meeting with no results named for Sec State Rice) will provide no relief for Israel, only more requested concessions.

The time for action has been now .... for over 40 years!

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