November 19, 2013

Israeli Security - Feiglin

National pride, an army geared to win and faith in G-d.

Israel's enemies will give nothing and receive nothing. Enemies must be defeated.

National pride in all diplomatic interactions.

Application of Israeli sovereignty on all land in Israel's hands.

Non-Jews who do not accept Israeli sovereignty should be encouraged to emigrate from Israel.

The goals of the army will be defined as liberation of the Land of Israel, defense of all areas currently in our hands and responsibility for the security of every Jew.

The ethical code of the Israeli army will be modified to conform with these goals and with Jewish ethics.

A military prepared to fight to achieve its goals deters the enemy from aggression.



Security for Israel and its inhabitants is a direct result of strengthened family values and education. If a Jew hasn't learned the real significance of the Land of Israel and if he is not loyal to his homeland, the message that he unwittingly broadcasts to his enemies is that his Land is free for the taking. Israel's lack of Jewish values and Jewish identity is the cause of our severe security problem. 

Oslo and the Road Map offer a solution -- to base Israel's security and very existence on justifying the claims of our enemies. These solutions have brought nothing but terror and death. What we need is the complete opposite; instead of justifying our enemies, we must immediately reverse the Oslo process. We must proclaim Jewish sovereignty over all the parts of the Land of Israel in our hands (as written in the Likud constitution) and regard the civilian populace that promotes terror as an enemy in every way.

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