November 13, 2013

Do not bomb Iran - I have a better idea....

Iran, Iran, Iran...what is the fuss all about?

It is a common discussion as to how to disarm Iran, shut down the Nuke program.
This is 100% worthless, misguided and will not work.

All I ever hear is that the population of Iran wants a quasi Western Democracy and freedom.

The Mullahs are the dictators and need to be removed.
What has to happen is their needs to be targets assassinations and a lot of
munitions and arms help given to the already existing "resistance"

Arm the rebellion and then support it from the outside in every way possible.

We do not want to hurt the innocent civilians and by arming the the Iranian population, we accomplish it nicely.

Then if they want Nuclear power or weapons...We can deal with that.
After all Pakistan and India have Nukes ...Geez....

So, don't bomb Iran, give Iranian resistance the bombs to kill the dictators

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