November 1, 2013

Holocaust is history, can another massive slaughter of Jews occur?

jaffa rails

Before the Nazi's tried to exterminate us, it would have been unthinkable to think such evil was on the planet. This is of course tempered by time. I am sure that the slaughters in ancient times could rival the death toll over time, but I am not sure that other then the Jews...was any other people targeted for extinction?

At Operation Barbarossa (Germans Invaded USSR) in WW2  the Germans lost 4 million soldiers.

This was of course, simply war.

The Shoah was not involved with an act of war.

The question is....does the POTUS's attempted unfair meddling in the ME turn more and more people against Jews?

If you are Jewish in the USA, you know you remain a minority, not a visible minority like Black People...but a clear non accepted minority. Oh there are many Gentiles that are nice and welcoming, but they want you to assimilate.

The accomplishments of the Jewish community are so over the top that the result is simply....resentment. 

The USA has become a society of those that don't and are jealous of the few that do. The moral code that the USA once had has been shattered. It's source is controversial, whether you think it was Madonna or the Pilgrims having babies with Black Slaves or the Great society...There are many possibilities.

The bottom line at this point is that it seems broken beyond repair..

The ACA is an absolute failure. Perhaps not because of the actual "program", but it's timing and ill conceived delivery. 

The truth is, if you criticize this administration and the POTUS in are a racist or you hate poor people or.... the truth is Obama is just GREEN. No experience and no ability.

Its like people that have never worked in retail having a garage sale....Amateurs...

I am not sure what will happen now with the ACA. 

Millions are losing their health insurance and the POTUS promised they wouldn't.

If you go on the Health Exchange the prices are horrendous...even with subsidization..

The deductibles are scary and the lack of coverage offered is staggering.

The ACA is horrible.

The problem is how to fix the Dr;s and the hospitals...not the Insurance plans.

The disaster is just starting.... 

Is this the part in the program when the Gentiles start hmmmmmm

BLAMING the JEWS? hmmmm


Maybe, Maybe.....beware...







Prior to Nazi Germany’s systematic murder of six million Jews and a few million other “undesirables” by Nazi standards, the world, including the victims thought the idea of such a slaughter totally impossible, unthinkable. Step by step and stage by stage, there was denial and confident misreading of the signs. Those who did see the dangers, like Ze’ev Jabotinsky were condemned and shunned by the mainstream Jewish World.

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