November 7, 2013

Battered Child Syndrome or Why Israel Believed in Oslo

An interview with Dr. Ron Shleifer, Ariel University, on the book "The Oslo Syndrome" by Prof. Kenneth Levin. Translated into Hebrew, the first printing was sold out in no time. A 2nd is now on the shelves .

In the book, Professor Levin observes political and diplomatic developments in Israel and attempts to analyze how the Jewish people "swallowed" the Oslo group's messages hook, line and sinker, as Shleifer puts it, while it was clear to Levin that something much deeper was taking place.
Levin claims that it is not possible that a normal nation could observe with equanimity how Arafat and his men spoke glowingly about peace in English while simultaneously calling the Oslo Accords a springboard for the destruction of Israel when speaking in Arabic. It is untenable that a nation could suffer murderous terror attacks soon after the signing and continue to believe in the false vision of Oslo.

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