December 5, 2013

The Most Green POTUS Ever!

Original Post - 2008, with updates below....

The US election is over.
America faces these issues:

1) Nuclear War (Iran, N Korea, Russia, China, Pakistan, Terrorists)
2) Current Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan.
3) Economy - Do we Trickle up or trickle down the economy?
4) Health Care System overhaul
5) Congress with no holds barred.
6) Middle East "Crisis"
7) Class "Warfare" or Upper Class and diminishing middle class
8) Immigrants accepting American values, principles, and national priorities?
9) English - National Language?
10) Are the continuing breakdown of family and family values a threat to society?
11) Drug-use, youth violence, poverty and family abuses of all kinds
12) US Bailout, Global Economy...good or bad.
13) UN - Reform to blind vote to make the current Arab oil blackmail less relevant.

So we now have a rookie in the White House. He will surround himself with highly educated leaders. President Elect Obama appears to suffer from one major problem.
He make out that he actually believe that a peace in the Middle East is possible. I don't think he believes it. He can't actually think that any amount of money or land will change the Arabs from wanting to kill all Jews and destroy Israel. The Islamofacists that want us all dead, value death over life. How is it possible to talk to someone who wants you to either die or become Dhimmi.

I think that the approach Obama has advertised will be a disaster and the American Economy may become the best leading indicator on that.


UPDATE -  Seems as if all issues are still on table.
Pretty sure that Obama has not surrounded himself with the best or the brightest...
It seems he has the reverse Midas touch, everything he touches turns to ...poop

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