December 18, 2013

A Conversation in He#l

Considering the venomous hostility toward the Kennedy family in some influential quarters, it is interesting to note that on July 21, 1999 John Podhoretz—son of American Jewish Committee leader (and longtime CIA collaborator) Norman Podhoretz—and editorial page editor of The New York Post(which featured Mossad man David Heymann's disinformation in the first place) penned a column entitled "A Conversation in Hell," putting forth his view of JFK Jr's death.

. . .Podhoretz's essay, which is very hard to find—having been pulled in response to public outrage at Podhoretz's visceral venom after the first edition of the Post went to press—speaks for itself and is published here (below) in its historic and revealing (and quite shocking) entirety. This essay by Podhoretz does indeed say what many defenders of Israel really do think about the Kennedy family. . . .You be the judge.   


JOE!  Joe Kennedy! Come on in.  Nice to see you.  Are you enjoying the air conditioning?  I know it gets pretty hot out there.
     Where are you these days, in the eighth circle or the ninth?  Kind of a tough choice where you’re concerned.  After all, the eighth circle is for the fraudulent and the ninth for the treacherous.  You sure were fraudulent when you had Mayor Daley fix the 1960 presidential election for your son Jack, weren’t you?  And you were pretty treacherous most of your life, what with your compulsive philandering and double-dealing. 

A Conversation - Read The Rest!

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