December 10, 2013

Obama, Income Inequality, and the Constitution

While delivering a speech on Wednesday, December 4, President Obama declared income “inequality” to be “the defining challenge of our time.”
For some unknown reason, this is being treated by the news media as some sort of revelation.  It is nothing of the sort. As his critics have been insisting for years, Obama is as doctrinaire a leftist ideologue as can be found in contemporary political life.  And the left is and has always been distinguished by nothing if not its revulsion toward material inequalities.

Think about this: of all of the problems in our world, the President of the United States and his ideological ilk view the fact that some people earn more than others as the problem, the one next to which all others pale in comparison, “the defining challenge of our time.”
No disciple of liberty can so much as begin to relate to the thought that income inequality is a “problem,” let alone the greatest of problems.

Obviously, then, neither Obama nor anyone else endorsing his position can value liberty.  In fact, they are enemies of liberty.
This is no ad hominem attack.  Though “liberty” is a term with a storied history, a term that has been championed by partisans of various stripes, the inhabitants of the English-speaking world and Americans in particular have always known that there is no liberty where there exist large concentrations of power.

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