December 17, 2013

Annex the Land Before the "End of Jewish History"

The fate of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria is the most important single defining issue for the future of the Jewish people.

After Yasser Arafat convinced the Israelis that "delivering" Arabs to the Jews is something his people couldn’t tolerate, Israel has convinced herself that she can deliver many Jews to the Arabs.

This is the real meaning of John Kerry’s “security promises”.

Declaring partial sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, the alternative suggested by those Israelis who made a religion out of security, will not ease the tremendous pressure on the State of Israel and the Jews. 

Partial sovereignty will lead to the point where the security situation will be even worse, and Israel might fatally decide to abandon every inch of the Biblical heartland.

However - exactly as there is no solution to the Old City of Jerusalem, where separation is impossible unless Israel relinquishes the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall, the State of Israel in Judea and Samaria has now only two alternatives: annexing all the land (at least Area C where all the Israelis live) in the name of Jewish rights, or facing a new catastrophe, a new cataclysm, a new diaspora, a new cycle of exile, or at worst, a new Holocaust, whether violent or not.

Everybody knows that it is either going to be “settlements” or a “Palestinian State”. Both cannot cohexist side by side.

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