December 25, 2013

I am not a liberal humanist....Thank G-d

I am not a liberal humanist which in itself makes me not politically correct.

Meir Kahane said,

Why should a Jew not marry a nice, ethical, pretty (or handsome), intelligent gentile without this absurd farce of conversion?
Why not just be ethical without reference to Jews or non-Jews, for what in the world are 'Jewish' ethics.

It is because I believe the Torah as is, was actually, literally given by G-d to the Jewish people at the literal Revelation at Sinai.
I must admit it is certainly a compelling reason to be a Jew,  and to observe all the Divine Laws of that Torah. This makes us different from other people.

I want my children to marry Jewish people. I don't accept the concept of marry someone who makes you happy and then have them convert if they don't happen to be Jewish.

"Israel became a nation in 1312 B.C.E., i.e. 2,000 years BEFORE the rise of Islam, and long before there was any Arab nation. Israel (Palestine) has been the homeland of the Jewish People since biblical times. It was subsequently “occupied” more than 15 times. Among its occupiers were the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Ottoman Turks. The longest occupiers of the Holy Land who ruled on and off for 400 years­ between 1517-1917­were the Ottoman Turks. They were followed by the British who ruled under a Mandate of the League of Nations (later the U.N.) to renew a homeland for the Jewish People.

Jews had dominion over the land of Israel over 1,300 years before their expulsion by the conquering Roman Empire. Moreover, Jews have had a continuous presence in this land for over 3,300 years."

Expel the Arab / Muslim/ Nazi's now!
Retake Gaza ...expel the Arab / Muslim/ Nazi's now!
In Judea & Samaria the Arab / Muslim/ Nazi's now!

No more non Israeli Jews working on visa's in Israel.



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