December 25, 2013

Israel a Country of Jews - or a Jewish Country

Israel a Country of Jews - or a Jewish Country? 
Now it is Country of the Jews. 

It is vital to the Jewish future to transform Israel into a Jewish Country. Israel's must be lead by a PM with policies based exclusively on Jewish identity, values and ethics.
This includes tolerance for all.

Our aim is to create a genuinely Jewish consciousness in the Land of Israel, motivated by the awareness that faith and country are intrinsically woven together. An Israeli society predicated on Jewish faith - the Torah - is an ethical and loving society whose ultimate goal is to illuminate the entire world with God's benevolence. Moshe Feiglin Manhigut Yehudit Party.

We are Jews, with no added definitions. We do not call ourselves Orthodox, Conservative or Reform - neither "right-wing" nor "left-wing. We believe in G-d, Who has brought us back to our Jewish home; the Holy Land of Israel. In Israel, the natural predisposition of the Jewish People to illuminate the world with God's light is brought to perfection, enabling us to perform our task in the most consummate way - Feiglin

The observant Jew has his own sense of values.            Torah Judaism is his blueprint for this life, his target for existence - Kahane

A Jewish Israel can't be racist because anybody can be Jewish by converting. On the other hand, how many Arab/Muslim Countries are there where Jews are not even allowed to visit, much less become or have stayed citizens.

The time is now for Israel to decide the terms of surrender for Hamas & Hezbollah and baring their acceptance, they need to completely eliminated and at the same time begin expelling Arabs...Literally all heck needs to break loose...

If the Jewish people want their own has to be for Jews and not a multi ethnic pseudo-democracy....

If the displaced Jordanians obtain any sort of a State alongside of Israel...It will be a staging ground for their terror and they will a constant humiliation because their leaders will tell them that having Jews in a State in the ME is their failure.

The displaced Jordanians will always remember what they perceive as Israeli injustice. The most expedient solution is to expel the the displaced Jordanians, disperse them, and pressure them into assimilation with other Arabs. Jews preserved their national aspirations in the Diaspora because of Jewish distinctiveness.

The displaced Jordanians lack a persistent sense of a unique identity. - Obadiah Shoher...

In a war to repel aggression, Israel should require
unconditional surrender, a bit of age-old wisdom lost on Israeli politicians who repeat the WWI error of leaving humiliated enemy to re-arm. The habit of settling for an armistice is supremely damaging and costly. Armies love victory; indecision is demoralizing.

Israel must occupy the capitals of enemy states.

To avoid loss of Israeli personnel, that goal should be carried out in two stages. 

The first is the aerial destruction of economically significant objects and the devastation of the capital itself. Enemy civilian losses should be ignored, since the people willingly participated in the war by accepting and supporting their governments. 

Second, a local collaborative government should be installed, supported by a few Israeli mechanized
ground troops and the threat of further air assault. Its aim
should be to exact reparations in oil. There would be no need to guard the whole country, as the Americans do in Iraq, just the oil wells and pipelines. After some years of humiliation, Israel might agree to local elections based on a constitution prohibiting major military development, much as the United States did in post-World War II Japan. Given how poor the Arabs would be without oil, Israel would have enough power to enforce her demands - Obadiah Shoher

Israel must abandon morality while at war

Saving Israeli lives must be the priority, no matter the casualties among Arab soldiers, government officials, or civilians. Most Israeli politicians would subscribe to that, though Israeli strategy in Lebanon led to great Israeli casualties, because the conflict was kept to low intensity to save Arab lives—at the cost of Jewish lives.
Obadiah Shoher

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