December 17, 2013

Israel - Expel the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's and Annex, Annex, Annex

Every article, every breath that uses the euphemism "Palestinian" that is in place of the only correct term - Arabs but propaganda.

The world press has been brainwashed little by little.
Jews and Israeli's let the use of the term go on for years. This lie has been stated so often, so matter of factly ..that it is in danger of becoming revisionist history.
This is with no historical facts to back it up! ZERO

The only concept here is that the Arabs (Philistines, Goliath) with 22 States fighting "David" could not they had to find a way to turn the concept around. They have. It is possibly the greatest con in history. Israel is made out to be the bad guys against poor "Pallies".

The NY Times article shows the Gentile conceived concept that world opinion should have anything to do with a Country using self determination to defend itself. Israel either need to trust Hasem or just go away.

The concept of (every) current peace talks is no more than a stall, perhaps by both sides.
It should be terminated with the statement that Israel will not negotiate with terrorists.

There still needs to be a policy that severely punishes the enemy for kidnapping by executing prisoners starting with the most murderous. All Terrorists that kill should be executed.
2 Witness's are enough...

It is way past time to get ruthless to end/win the war!

The concern that a ground invasion will require taking Gaza back I applaud.
Only if they intend to expel the Arabs though. To start and not finish makes Israel look foolish and weak again and again and also give the Arab / Muslim / Nazi confidence that they have nothing to lose.

I understand that world opinion will be more outspoken against Israel. So let them say in public what they say in private anyway. As Israel depletes the enemy and they start to ask for a truce / Hudna what ever....just say NO and end them...

The more to the right Israelis move, the closer to wrapping up the conflict they inch.
Just one small Jew's opinion.

The worlds view of a diplomatic setback for Israel is really the opposite. As soon as Israel becomes more isolated they will have to look at themselves to decide their course of action.
Or perish anyway....

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