December 17, 2013

Intermarriage? Why? For What?

Why is this question even necessary?
A Jewish parent would ask why would your Son or Daughter want to jeopardize what they believe in and certainly the WTC?

So, Moishe is thinking of spending the rest of his life with someone and it would be natural to assume that he would want someone with a similar background.

This issue should be much more important to a Jew. If an Xtian want to marry a Protestant at least the food and cultural background would be similar. And they believe in the same Pagan Diety. There is that whole kicked out of the Tribe thing to consider and oh yeah...losing the WTC

For Jews, our backgrounds, attitudes towards food & alcohol are so different from Gentiles. These appear to be irreconcilable differences, not to mention the tragically confused children. 
Think of the family dinners and get togethers.
It is hard enough when both kids are Jewish.

What is the appeal of a Gentile? 
Reminder - Blonde/Blue Eyes are the RECESSIVE Genes.
I am 100% against it with no exceptions. 
Will Your Grandchildren Be Jewish? 

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