December 11, 2013

The Handshake Heard ‘Round the World

President Obama’s distressing rejection of American exceptionalism was on display for the whole world to see yesterday when he shamed his country by lowering himself to shake the blood-stained hand of Cuba’s Communist dictator.
In a brief but cordial encounter in a funeral receiving line at the southern tip of the African continent, Obama shook the hand of Cuban’s octogenarian tyrant, President Raul Castro, granting a kind of legitimacy to the caudillo who leads America’s Cold War enemy 90 miles from the Florida coast. In so doing Obama demonstrated his weakness and emboldened America’s enemies.

The occasion was a memorial service in South Africa for that country’s former president, Nelson Mandela, a Communist terrorist who, like Obama’s close personal friend Bill Ayers, used explosives to express himself politically.

Mandela, who died last week at age 95 long after serving a quarter-century in prison and helping to slay apartheid, has a few things in common with Obama.

Mandela, who routinely denounced the United States and Israel, set in motion the transformation of his once-prosperous nation into the community organizer’s paradise that is modern South Africa, complete with mob rule, mob justice, racial tension, and epidemic levels of violence. Mandela’s Marxist colleagues are continuing his work, community organizing that nation into Third World kleptocracy status.

Obama conspicuously ordered American flags flown at half-staff throughout the U.S. in honor of Mandela, an unusual tribute for the United States to afford a non-American, and in this case, a former foreign head of state. It is all part of Obama’s racial presidency in which he plays off racial and ethnic groups against each other, no matter what lasting harm it does to society. The flag-lowering is better treatment than he gave the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a far more consequential world leader whom he snubbed by skipping her funeral.

We’ve known for a long time that Obama is most at ease when he’s hanging out with thugs, terrorists, murderous anti-American despots, and anti-Semites. He carefully avoids harsh language when describing Iran’s barely concealed nuclear weapons program that his administration is allowing to go forward. A relativist and multiculturalist, Obama respects the former Persia’s so-called right to self-determination and nuclear arms even though the theocratic regime persecutes religious dissenters, puts gays to death, and almost daily promises to vaporize U.S. ally Israel.

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