December 26, 2013

Do Nothing POTUS Peace Plan?

So the talk is scary Kerry coming to Israel in January to shove a POTUS created plan down Israel's throat. I can't refer to it as a peace plan, I guess it should be called the EOI Plan - End of Israel.

There is zero that the POTUS and US can do to change the ME. Zero.

It is just a matter of when Israel will expel the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's from Israel, annex Gaza/Judea/Samaria and tell the world to step off. Either it will happen from new Israeli leadership or due to a major war. Either way, it will happen....

The POTUS and Kerry want to treat the ME like Obamacare...Force things that aren't ready, with a system doomed to fail, be unable to deliver anything they promise and embarress themselves while doing it.

Bibi, tell them you are to busy running will let them know after it settles down when a good time to chat is.
And also the way ...if Russia is willing to provide military aid to Israel...
I suppose some could call it the start of USSR reparations for centuries of pogroms, genocide etc they inflicted on Jewish people.

Either way make the Merkava and your own Jets and tell the US we thank you for all of your past consideration...and your services are no longer required.

Israel, Bibi, strike your own deals WITH Hashem....

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