December 16, 2013

Status Check - As the Gregorian Calendar hits 2014

The USA is reeling from the incompetent Obama Administration.
Economy still is stagnant and no effort is being made to allow the Country to be oil independent.
It would already be so, if a talented POTUS hired decent advisers and made this item top priority.

Then the costs of living due to heating, energy etc would feel more reliable. The price would not bother us so much with the Arab/Muslim/Nazi hand out of our pocket.
Then focusing on protecting existing industries and creating mechanisms to bring back quality manufacturing jobs to the US would be easy.

Making the aid that the US gives to any Country must have stipulations. Real rules, that if broken would terminate aid.

The US would need to turn over all police/military duties to the Iraqi and Afghans.
All soldiers returned from active duty abroad could then be placed in the US infrastructure repair program with viable welfare recipients and recent University graduates that are unable to locate employment.

The US needs to withdraw from the UN and expel it from its current location.
A new alliance of Non - Arab/Muslim/Nazi Countries can be established to either crush the common enemy or make them understand that to join the rest of the Nations, changes would need to be made.

Healthcare should be included to all US Citizens and paid for by a 5% tax on income over a certain point such as $100,000. A Formula would need to be researched and established.

All non citizens would need to be put on a track to citizenship with those that have arrived legally given full preference. All  Arab/Muslim/Nazi Visa's need to be revoked ASAP.
All Mosques would need to closed and bull dozed.

Congress would have to change the way bills are processed to eliminate the pork.
Federal appropriations under a certain dollar figure would need to be voted on by US registered voters. This vote can be done online with top notch security on a quarterly basis.

All local governments would need to be consolidated, no more village government, inside towns with town government inside Counties etc. A modern method of government would mean there would only be villages, cities, towns. No need for a village inside a town. No counties needed, all votes would be made by local government on the 1st of each month.   

Pensions would be eliminated with those benefits pointed to an expanded social security system.

Prisons would need to be overhauled. Sentences would need to be uniform and criteria for punishment established federally. Violent criminals with multiple offenses convicted on DNA and non-circumstantial evidence will be terminated.

All State Universities would be free for any student and the expense would be deducted from earners like Health expenses and credits given for people over 55 so they would pay less and less as they age if they continue to work.  

All federal/state/city etc employees would be treated like any other special pension/health care etc....

There are so many issues.....


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