December 22, 2013

A Real Plan to deal with Kerry & POTUS - Part 1

Kerry is nothing. He is the US Secretary of State....
Big Deal....He is just carrying out his maters wish and trying to destroy Israel
as quickly as he can.

There is no other explanation.

The terms that Kerry is promoting are a joke.

The enemy still wants all and will not budge from their positions.
And that is if the people at the negotiating table are even a representative of the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's.

We know how it is. Kerry is just one of them. Like Obama they have some sick view of the world that fits their agenda.

Israel will need to tell the US to step off. Get lost.
We will keep you posted what we decide to do.

If Scary Kerry and the POTUS want to talk, have them contact the King of Jordan and pressure him to take his people back. Period.

Block off all access to Arab / Muslim / Nazi workers and begin the work of expeling them to Jordan...whether Jordan wants them or not. Give them some shekels and send them on their way. Then replace them with Jewish Families and security. Those displaced from Gush Katif should have first choice.

All Members of Knesset need to be Jews, effective NOW.
All members at any government level need to be Jews, effective NOW.

The transfer program decided upon needs to be on each TV, Radio Station and all newspapers. A new MK needs to be appointed to begin the transfer.

The sooner the better.
Also tell Kerry & the POTUS to contact Iran in whatever way they choose.

Announce to the free people of Iran that weapons and money are available to them to begin to overthrow the Mullahs.

Restore mandatory Jewish Education...


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