December 12, 2013

Who Said "Europe Will be Cleansed of Jews"?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was right. 

The West has been deceived by Iran and the U.S. military threat has never been less credible. 
A worse agreement could not have been signed in Geneva, where a religious revolution motivated by the establishment of an Islamic regime and by an annihilationist anti-Semitism was granted the right to enrich uranium on its own territory. 

It is Hiroshima plus Allah.

Geneva also provided historic legitimacy to Iran. 

The deal has broken the siege around that regime. Iran sanctions will not come back if they are dismantled now, because they were the result of a decade of lobbying around the Western governments, hungry for contracts with Tehran. And if the sanctions fall, Iran will not abandon its evil plans.  

Good manners towards the Islamic Revolution have always proved an invitation to more violence.

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