December 26, 2013

Jerusalem is on the Table?

Who are these MK's?
How dare they allow Jerusalem to even be considered with these fradulent negotiations with fraudulent "peace partners", you know the Arab / Muslim / Nazi's.

Every story out of Israel about Bibi or the Mk's are bizzare.
Perhaps they are unaware that the entire...entire world hates Israel.
Doesn't even consider Israel a legitimate Country...

How is this possible?

They release murders left and right and can't even secure Pollard's release?
Shameful behavior.

It is well past time for Jewish leadership.
The Orthodox Jews need to get assembled and recognize their differences and common goals.
This coalition would then find a way to incorporate Non-Orthodox Jews completely into Israels future.

After all....What do 2 Million Orthodox want, 6 Million Conservative & Reform Jews or 6 Million Arab / Muslim /Nazi's?

Simple choice.

WHO will lead?

Ben Ari?


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