December 6, 2013

Sensei to the Orthodox....

Rabbi Sensei Gary Moskowitz shows of some (staged) self-defense moves on the NY subway. (photo credit: Robert Kalfus/Courtesy of Gary Moskowitz)

Gary Moskowitz, a rabbi and sensei teaching martial arts to Orthodox children in Flushing, Queens, thinks religious intolerance has little if nothing to do with the fact that a large proportion of recent “knockout game” attacks victims have been Orthodox Jews. As he sees it, Orthodox Jews are being targeted for the simple fact that they are not physically fit. 

“Jews are literally a weak target,” he tells The Times of Israel.
Moskowitz, a 56-year-old former NYPD officer, grew up a kippah-wearing boy in the Bronx in the 1960s. He learned the only way for him to survive the mean streets was to fight back against bullies who attacked him, including one who threw his skullcap on the ground and urinated on it. Now, many years later, he believes it is still important for Jews to know how to fend off attackers.

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