December 6, 2013

Moshe Feiglin: US Aid Detrimental to Israel

Moshe Feiglin: US Aid Detrimental to Israel

28 Kislev, 5774
Dec. 1, ‘13
According to a new "Peace Watch" poll taken by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, approximately half of Israelis think that Israel must decrease its dependence on the US and change its status as Israel's primary ally. For years, I have said that even if we must preserve and develop the cooperation based on interests and shared values between the two countries, we must end the dependence that Israel has developed toward the US.

Apparently, the current crisis with the US has opened many hearts to this insight. More than the damage that the US aid inflicts on Israel's economy, it compromises our security, diplomacy and internal strength. We insist on receiving pocket money that we do not need from the US at the intolerable price of interference in our internal affairs. - just to prove to ourselves that we have a father. "You are children of Hashem, your G-d," says the Torah. But those who cannot accept that, desperately seek a different father.

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