December 6, 2013

Monica Crowley: Defeating the Leftist Revolutionaries

We are in a war.  We’re in a war.  It’s not a war that we chose, but it’s a war that’s been brought to our doorstep every single day for decades by the Left.

They are chronically and constantly waging a war relentlessly against America, against the American Constitution, against the American free market economics, and against American values.

But it’s not merely Leftism that we’re battling.  We’re also battling the animating spirits of Leftism, which is the ideology of control.

We talk a lot about freedom and liberty, but the other side talks in very clear terms. They dress it up.  When they dress it up — let’s make no mistake about what we’re dealing with here — it is an ideology of control, and I don’t care if you’re talking about socialism, communism, fascism; any kind of totalitarian or authoritarian philosophy operates under a broader rubric of an ideology of control.

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