December 5, 2013

Aliyah, Now, Soon or Never?

Golden years are approaching and we have no parachute and figure we will work....
But where? I prefer not to fall and break something.

I asked my wife where she thought we should move to escape the nothingness and bad weather of the Central NY area. She mentioned a lot of people were going to NC. I said NC? What the heck would draw me there? More moderate temperature...that's all?
Below the Mason-Dixon line...I don't think so!

I complain because I (we I hope) want to move to a place with less Winter and more Jews and more Jewish life. I would not want to live where the houses are close enough to Shul to walk on Shabbos.

Am I to old to make Aliyah? Is the weather to hot or we will love it as the circulation begins to slow down? Will I lose touch with my kids if they want to stay here? Is this simply the beginning of the end of days? Is the redemption coming? Is Moshiach guiding the events we see unfolding before our eyes?

My heart says we need to go to Israel, my mind tells me we need to go before it is to late!

I take for granted that Aliyah will always be allowable by the US or Israel.

The first steps will be the hardest and perhaps the last steps will rival them.

Why stay? Anti-Semitism remains through out the US and the World and the only place it may not exist is in Israel! Torah said if you can't bring all of your possessions to Jerusalem for the sell them and then come and buy food...

The real issues are completely different culture, older family members and children that are not yet on their own.  Torah also said to always listen to your crying children even over Torah..

So I wait........

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