December 2, 2013

A View from Heaven An interview with Rabbi Noah Weinberg, of blessed memory.

As a reporter here in Heaven, I occasionally have the chance to interview some very special people. I recently had the marvelous opportunity to speak with Rabbi Noah Weinberg and inquire about his unique perspective on the world, his legacy, and the Jewish People. The transcript of that conversation follows:
Heavenly Reporter: Rabbi Weinberg, welcome to your new world. We are fortunate to have you.
Rabbi Noah Weinberg: A great privilege to be here.
HR: I trust everything here is to your satisfaction.
RNW: I actually prefer the word "pleasure." I spent much of my life teaching people about how to attain real pleasure. But only now do I understand how true my words were.
HR: What do you mean?
RNW: Human beings are natural pleasure seekers. They are programmed that way. But a vast majority of them get confused. They end up attaining comfort instead of pleasure. Or they believe that life is all about physical or emotional pleasures, instead of spiritual ones. If only they could see me now. Boy, were they wrong!
HR: What exactly would they see?

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