October 2, 2012

Fear of Obama's Second Term Overblown

Former Israeli Minister for Congressional Affairs in Washington, and a top expert on relations with the U.S., Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, thinks Israeli fears of a hostile second term Obama presidency are overblown.
In an interview with Arutz 7, Ettinger explained that contrary to popular perception, "The bottom line is that a second term president is always weaker than a first term president. This is true for all second term American presidents other than one – James Monroe. A second term president becomes less and less relevant for both chambers of Congress from the day of his reelection. This this was true for Clinton's second term, Reagan's second term, as well as Nixon's, Lyndon B. Johnson's, Eisenhower's etc."
"When it comes to the possibility of President Obama winning reelection – whatever he may try to do, he will need the support of Congress.  If Israel further cultivates its ties with the Legislature and leverages the immense goodwill toward it on Capitol Hill, then Obama will be severely constrained a far as any possible negative initiatives Vis–a-Vis Israel."
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