October 17, 2012

Intelligentsia is antisocial

Intelligentsia supports the lowest elements of societies: from the nineteenth-century proletariat to the twenty-first-century Africans and Arabs, because the lowly beings accept the intelligentsia as their mouthpiece, if only temporarily. Intelligentsia is rarely well educated; rather, it flaunts a superficial knowledge of many issues, which passes for culture. Intelligentsia cannot teach capitalists about management, politicians about diplomacy, or scientists about their subjects. Intelligentsia is retrograde, and calls societies away from high-end reality into pastoral simplicity, where the intelligentsia can be intellectually on par with the herdsmen. Insurgents are the intelligentsia’s heroes because they seek to overturn the existing complex societies the intelligentsia hates. Intelligentsia glorifies primitive societies because siding with a bunch of barbarians is not glamorous, but call the barbarians pastoral nomads or freedom fighters and intelligentsia’s protégés soar. Intelligentsia cannot lead complex Western societies and proclaim those advanced societies inferior to its barbarian protégés.

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