October 30, 2012

Romney VS Obama

The parameters of Obama's ME stance and particularly on Israel have to viewed in a Jewish light.
How we define that light is perhaps what defines each of us as Jews.
Do you believe that we have the biblical right to all of Israel?
Do you believe in a TSS?
Do you believe that humanitarian concerns are a higher priority then protecting the Jewish people?

Obama has decided that Israel has no right of self-determination and instead of standing back and allowing Israel to defend herself...he insists on Iron dome strategy and the like to keep control of Israel.

I believe that Israel has the right to biblical boundaries and also to self determination.
I believe that Israel has the Geo-political right to annex all land captured in defensive wars.
I believe that Israel also has the right to expel all people in Israel that they consider terrorists or a threat to Israel and Jews.

I believe that Israel will be better off with a Romney Presidency.

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