October 23, 2012

Extinguish Islam

The West has several historically standard options to deal with the world of Islam.

The most common approach, extermination of the hostile population, is not practical because the Muslims are too many. Is it immoral? Well, Red Indians are still stereotyped in America.

Another approach is exemplary punishment. Rome was famous for that tactic; it was generally benevolent, but sometimes reacted with extreme cruelty and local extermination campaigns. If that sounds too harsh, recall Sudafend, Coventry, Dresden, and Hiroshima. Did the world change after the world wars? Recall Setif or Arpalik. Perhaps the Americans are different from the bloodthirsty French or Greeks? Recall the Hanoi bombings or My Lai, a village where a random sampling of US soldiers shot civilians, from babies to eighty-two-year-olds, at point-blank range in a manner entirely reminiscent of the massacres of Jewish people by German police battalions. Perhaps My Lai was an isolated incident? Then read the eyewitness accounts of anti-communist journalist Katsuichi Honda, who describe the incessant murder of Vietnamese civilians by American troops. The Americans aren’t evil at all, but nice and moral most of the time.

Jews, too, are generally nice and moral: except in the places like Dir Yassin, or when shooting POWs or rolling over them with tanks. The first ethical commandment is, Do not murder. Since wars violate that basic prohibition to begin with, no ethics survive the battlefield experience. Mild wars, such as in Iraq and Lebanon, leave room for moderation; really dangerous wars don’t. The Western conflict with the world of Islam is a major conflict.

Exemplary punishment has to be short and terrifying like Hiroshima, not persistent like Vietnam. People, especially the poor, get used to ongoing violence. Long-term military operations are costly to the empire.

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