October 31, 2012

Israel is losing the PR War.....

October 31, 2012   Israeli soldier girls 65
For over forty years Israel has been losing a public relations war to the Arabs and now to the Palestinain Arabs. And no one in Israel seems to care.

Dr. Ron Schleifer, a professor at Ariel University, and an expert research academician on Psychological Warfare and military-media relations, has been studying the phenomena for years and has tried to sound the alarm on the importance of changing the way Israel uses the media. He has just returned from a trip to the United States in which he gave the Israeli perspective at a pro-Zionist conference that included thinker Bernard Lewis and Pamela Geller of subway ad fame.

“Subconsciously, we still have this attitude that the goyim hate us anyway so why bother with public relations” said Schleifer. “The answer should be that this question is totally irrelevant.”

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