October 23, 2012

The Moshe Feiglin You Never Knew: Part 1

"From the time that we had a family, we have made it a point to vacation only in Israel. This summer, though, I felt that we had to detach ourselves for a while from what is happening both in our national home and our private home. A dark cloud is currently hovering over them both. So we flew to my wife's family in the US and toured the country for over a month. It was amazing."

"Suddenly, after 50 years of devoting most of my time to public activism, I finally understood. I realized how important it is to have quality time with the family and to create positive family experiences. This month brought me to the deep realization that I am not here forever. I do not know what tomorrow brings and when I will be called to the Heavenly throne, but when that day comes I want to be able to whole-heartedly say to myself that I lived a full life."

These opening sentences, that sound more like a New Age awakening speech, have come out of the mouth of one of the more famous icons of the Right: Moshe Feiglin, who in the last years has peeled away his extremist image to reveal a softer, more liberal and most importantly, more sensitive man.

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