October 16, 2012

Rants - Drones, Leftists, Jerusalem, TM....

So they flew a drone over to "see" IDF positions etc....

The Leftists still advocate the the Final TSS. Can't spell TSS without the SS.

Jerusalem is still not the capital of Israel,  hmmmmm.

The Temple Mount is still not controlled by Jews...WHY?

Israel has still not annexed Judea and Samaria....WHY

There is still no "Palestine" or "Palestinian people". These people are those that settled in our land illegally when we were forced into a 2,000 year exile

The terrorist Mamoud Abbas still "runs" the made up PLO.

Israel still gives Aid to Gaza? Ayeeee!

Israel still accepts military aid from the USA? That is backwards!

Gaza terrorists still send rockets into Israel and Israel doesn't....well you know!

 Arab/Muslims stone Jews in Israel? Arrest and expel these criminals.

There are still Jordanians with Jordanian Passports in Israel? Why? Expel them ASAP.

Assad murders 1,000's and what no Peace now morons? Where are all of these groups...oh yeah no Jews...they are not interested.

There are actuall US "Jews" that will vote for the great anti-Semite - OBAMA

Bibi needs to go ...all I hear is backdoor deals with the Terrorist Assad...give up the Golan?
He must have swallowed the Sharon Kool Aid...

We need authentic JEWISH leadership In Israel.




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