October 30, 2012

Bomb the bomb

A policy that does not work is wrong. Yet the West persists in its non-proliferation approach.

International condemnation and sanctions have prevented no country from developing nuclear weapons.

Pakistan and North Korea are extremely unstable, hostile regimes. No one knows the exact number of nuclear bombs they have, let alone the whereabouts of the bombs. Pakistan is a confirmed nuclear proliferator which has helped scores of rogue regimes—including North Korea, Iran, and Libya—to develop nuclear weapons. The father of the Pakistani nuclear program, Ahmad Khan, wages his private jihad against the West, deliberately disseminating nuclear technology and sending Pakistani nuclear scientists abroad. While formally ousted from his leading position at the Pakistani nuclear conglomerate, Khan continues to control the enterprise to the extent of using military planes for private trips. Intelligence services cannot account for at least twenty nuclear bombs produced in Pakistan.
North Korea is dirt poor, hostile, fearless, and opportunistic. It would sell the bomb to any cash bidder.

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