October 16, 2012

To: The Arab/Muslims of Eretz Yisrael.

  To: The Arab/Muslims of Eretz Yisrael.
1)      Eretz Yisrael, in its entirety was given by G-d, the creator of all lands, unto His Chosen people, Israel.
2)      There is no “Palestine” or “Palestinian people.”  We recognize you to be part of the Arab nation who settled illegally in our land when, against our will, we were forced into an Exile of 2,000 years, during which not a day went by without the Jew praying for the Great Return.
3)      Jews have an OBLIGATION  to reclaim all the land of G-d and to declare Jewish sovereignty over any part that ahs been reclaimed.  We have an obligation to settle everywhere in the Land, including the cities of the Bible.  We have an obligation to reclaim Jewish property seized by the murderers of Jews in the days of Jewish weakness.
4)      Failure to assert Jewish rights and obligations, especially through fear of the gentile, is a Hillul Hashem, desecration of the name of the L-rd.
5)      By Torah law, we offer you the status Ger Toshav  (resident stranger) in the Land, if you wish to remain.  If you accept upon yourself the sovereignty of the Jewish people and G-d over the land of Israel in its entirety, you are welcome to remain with remain with religious, cultural, social and economic rights but no political ones.  If you are unwilling to accept this, we will do our utmost to complete the transfer of population begun in 1948 when hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Arab lands.  We will move to transfer you to  your own countries so that both peoples can live separately in peace.
6)      We will seek to have Arab students unwilling to accept Jewish sovereignty removed from universities and ask that a fixed number of Arabs be expelled after every terrorist bomb outrage.
7)      We call upon you to help end attacks on Jewish women and men in Jerusalem and elsewhere, for we will put an end to them.  We will also act to end the relationships between Arab men and Jewish women that is now growing and that so desecrates the Name of G-d.
8)      We will seek to remove all strangers from the Temple Mount until the time that the Holy Temple is rebuilt.
Again, we repeat our understanding of your views and beliefs.  It is not in order to incite that we write these words.  It is rather that we agree with you that a great religious struggle is being fought here and the proof of the L-rd, G-d  of Israel, will be seen in total victory of the Jewish people in their entire land.
Kahane - 5/11/1979  
Kahane Tzadak! 

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