October 17, 2012

Liberalism props anti-Semitism

If the situation for Jews in America seems good and pogroms seem impossible, think of early fourteenth-century Poland. It was a copy of twentieth-century America: religiously tolerant, accommodating to Jews, with many prosperous Jews occupying high positions. Until the early thirteenth century, there was no anti-Semitic incitement in Poland. The squall of anti-Semitism on the Internet today doesn’t look small when compared to Catholic incitement in medieval Poland.

Jews, obviously, did not start settling in countries hostile to us; all countries were initially welcoming. Jewish communities flourished everywhere from Tehran to Kiev, and entire generations were born and passed away without fear of persecution. In all countries, strong governments protected Jews just as they are protected today in America. The problem started when the economy went sour, governments became weak, and states became embroiled in domestic and external conflicts.

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