January 6, 2009

Warn the Enemy?

There is a principle that says Jews must give the enemy a chance at peace before we actually attack them. Even the King David Hotel got phone calls of warning in pre State Israel. This is a very old principle.

In the current Gaza war Saturday, Gazans received Arabic-language phone calls (recorded probably) from the IDF, urging them to leave homes where terrorists/Hamas have hidden weapons. So nothing has changed, the IDF is still compliant with ancient Jewish Law.

I guess next we will sound the horns as we round Gaza and then....

At what point do we stop killing ourselves to save people that practice Jihad, vote in the Hamas and desire death. When do we go in full bore and establish the fact that we may do it again?

Since the US is between Presidents, Israel is relatively able to do what they want.
Obama says there is only one President and Bush is pardoning people.

I'm not interested in discussing Sharon's failed policy of Disengagement.
All right wingers knew it was a disaster waiting to happen.

So now does Israel clean out Hamas and establish checkpoints and security in Gaza again? That is the first step. The second is to begin expelling all non Jewish occupiers of Gaza. Once that is completed, Israel must annex Gaza.

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