January 3, 2009

IDF Enters Gaza....

So the ground invasion begins. What will happen?
Will the IDF be able to secure Gaza? Will the international
community allow them to re-secure Gaza and end the Arab occupation?

The withdrawal from Gaza was one of the biggest mistakes the Israeli's
have ever made. But all is not lost, The IDF can go in and ...
kill terrorists etc. Will the IDF stay or then pull back?

How do they remove the 1.5 Million Arabs?

What will lead to end of hostilities with Hamas?
No more Hamas...

Does Israel have to retake Gaza. Of course
At what cost to Israeli soldiers?
And if Israel retakes Gaza...then what? They must stay and annex the
land and expel the Arabs.

The fact that the US was notified prior to the the ground invasion is telling.
Perhaps 51st Status won't be so bad.

I'm an concerned that this is just a political move since very few Israeli's are dying from rocket attacks. The world only sees 500 dead Arabs and 3 dead Israeli's and figure massacre...

The world will not take into account the actual reason Israel is there..
to stop the rockets that cause terror and anguish to the civilian population. The world does not care about that at all. Israel is not entitled to security if it means killing non Jews.

I am watching CNN & Fox & MSNBC to see the slants.
May Hashem be with Israel and the IDF!!


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