January 16, 2009

Cease Fire Smease Fire

Sadly, it seems, as we expected, that once again the Kadima led government of Israel does not plan on winning the war against the Arab enemy.

More and more news reports are talking about the fact that Israel is soon going to sign on a cease-fire agreement with Hamas. Below are the details of a vigil tomorrow night, Motsaei Shabbat, Saturday night, calling upon the government of Israel to not stop the Gaza war until complete victory.

Secondly, this coming Shabbat all Jews we must make a special prayer for the release of our brother Jonathan Pollard. There are 5 days left for President Bush to decide whether to free Jonathan or not.

As it says on the Pollard website:
As the transfer of power in the White House gets underway, the comment lines have been temporarily closed pending the arrival of the new administration. At this critical time, we are requesting that you pray for Jonathan Pollard (Yehonatan ben Malkah) in the hope that his release will be forthcoming. Thank you so much for your support and caring!

Women in Green call upon all to go to the website, print out the special prayer and make sure the prayer for Jonathan is said in shul this Shabbat: http://www.freepollard.net/Inside/NewsInside.asp?itemId=1016

With Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar - Nadia Matar - Anita Finkelstein

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