January 14, 2009


So Operation Cast Lead is still in Phase 2 or is it?

I understand the IDF has entered Gaza City and is either preparing
to go house to house or has already started.

The talk now is that this operation is to destroy Hamas weaponry and facilities.
Also to put Hamas on the same notice that Hezbollah was put on in 2006.
I understand 3 rockets were sent to North Israel and that Hezbollah denied responsibility.

Will Egypt and Jordan be pulled in to accept "refugees" (finally) or will
the UN coerce the US to do something different?

Will the upcoming elections for PM chnage the "direction" of the operation?

Will people notice that all of the "rallies" by the Arabs defending Gazastan would
have become violent without the police?

The Pro Israel rallies were peaceful rallies for support to show that there was support for Israel and the operation in Gazastan.

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