January 2, 2009

Can it happen here?

Can a pogrom or worse happen to Jews in the US today?
If no ...what would lead you to believe that anything has changed.

Neo-Nazi Rallies in MN, Arab anti Israel rallies in Ft Lauderdale. Are there still "Restricted" clubs and neighborhoods in the US?

You might be Jewish if:

Where you work do you've heard ethnic slurs...every day
If you have had slurs directed at you or your children.
You have ever been the victim of racist behavior.
The current Gaza police action causes you any problems
You are scared to wear a Star of David.
You are you not willing to ask for Jewish holidays off at work.
You want to relocate but there are very few states or cities you would not be scared to live in.
You have a child going to college and need to find schools that have no religious affiliation.
You have been the victim of Xtian proselytizing.

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