January 14, 2009

Humanitarian Aid Update

(MONDAY), 12.1.09, A TOTAL OF 3129 TONS OF HUMANITARIAN AID INCLUDING BASIC FOOD COMMODITIES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND MEDICATION WERE TRANSFERRED TO THE GAZA STRIP. This is the largest shipment of humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip since the military operation began. The commodities were conveyed on 120 trucks and included supplies for UNRWA, the World Food Programme, UNICEF a large Jordanian donation and goods for the private sector.

Also, due to an attempt to smuggle electronics, including night vision surveillance cameras, four trucks of supplies were turned back, and despite this cynical attempt to abuse the humanitarian platform one truck of electronic supplies intended to rehabilitate the electrical network was transferred. Since the beginning of Operation Cast Lead 22,046 tons of humanitarian aid on 926 trucks have been shipped to the Gaza Strip.

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