January 2, 2009


Some 600,000 German civilians were lost due to Allied bombings alone in World Wear II, nearly 1% of their pre-war population. A very large minority had voted for Hitler, as has also happened with the Palestinian Arabs and their neo-Nazi Hamas. The total German dead were 10.82%, which equals 154,592 Gaza Arabs.

The much lower Japanese 3.61% rate dead gives 51,578 for Gaza.
By any standard, Gaza Arabs have suffered little — so far.

Notice, however, that both Japan and Germany suffered enough to never want a repeat their aggression.

Let’s hope and pray that this Israeli Government has learned these brutal lessons from history, and that the IDF will be allowed to finish the job in Gaza.

But what moral or military or historical logic suggests Israel’s response to Hamas’ year-after- year bombing of Sderot Israel is "disproportionate"? Some 50% of Sderot’s population of 25,000 have been wounded and traumatized—and half the population has left.

A Just War is to eliminate a deadly threat. Hamas, a proxy of Iran, is such a threat. The "proportionate" casualties they take are whatever it takes to conquer them thoroughly, and to put an end to their capacity to attack Israel.

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