January 5, 2009

Ramattan TV left to broadcast?

Why is Ramattan TV left to broadcast?
Israeli's has cut off the press from Gaza and it means that Pally TV,
where all the programs are made in Pallywood is left to inform the Gentile
world what is going on in Gaza. They show ambulances with people getting out
that are clean and get up themselves. They fake dead bodies and even show
the Schmucks getting up if you look to the side. It is comedy and no less, but the Gentiles buy it.

Level Ramattan now and allow a pool reporter access with a military escort.

Cut off all power and the rest of the cell phone capacity and also jam
the terrorists walkie-talkies....

No Hudna for the Muslim/Nazi's


  1. Listen your own words. It is a mirror. Then,who seem a nazi. Your words are antidemocrats...Your words are like Goebels`s words.

  2. Israel wants the Arabs out of Biblical Israel, which includes Gaza. After Israel withdrew, there were nothing but Arabs left in Gaza.

    Hamas is the democratically elected government of Arab Occupied Gaza. They started this war by firing rockets at Israel.

    I do not need to opine about the right of any Country to defend themselves.

    Whether or not Hamas uses human shields is irrelevant. War is war.

    Israel is transparent and is not a western style Democracy nor does it want to be one (except maybe for Olmert).

    All of my comments are straight forward. The Arabs will do anything to try to turn themselves into David when we all know they are the descendants of the Philistines (Goliath).
    If they are seen as 500 Million strong against tiny Israel they will not get the sympathy they crave in the propaganda war.

    The tide is about to turn. Sorry Jorge B., but the Jews may just survive this one!

  3. Let me tell you. I am Lebanese and Christian. Go back to where you came from and let us live in peace you Children and Women murderering Zionists. You are so damn strong when fihgting from your F16s, you never dare to fight a close combat, you are so cowered.

    We all know now why Hitler hated the Jews. Another Hitler will come...This time is going to be from the Middle East and Christian.

    I dare you to post this Coment!
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  4. Lebanese Resistance, does that mean daring me to post your response? In your world resistance to your government would probably mean you would be tortured and the killed. Jews have no negative interest in you or people.

    Biblical Israel includes what you call Lebanon and yet Israel would live in peace with Lebanon except that you either support or allow Hezbollah to fire rockets at Israel. Why? Why do you allow or advocate it? Where does this elusive Arabs rage come from ? Are you brainwashed also? Israeli's and Jews have no interest in any thing but peace. You are filled with hate and that is sad and weak. Arabs can't focus on anything but their own failures and need to blame others for them.

    Take responsibility for your life and create some good instead of just being full of hate and misery.

    Many Hitlers have already come and been killed as will the next and the after that.

    Israelis defend with F16's because they can. I am sure that if the Arabs thought they could militarily destroy Israel they would try. It has been 35 years and at least the Arabs have learned that lesson.

    Find your way to happiness, Israel will defend herself until it is no longer needed.

    Good Luck

  5. As israyell has been seen to lie, blatantly, (you are a good example)
    you must understand that ALL the world is against your deceit and has seen it first hand.
    Please stop telling me that 1+1= 3.
    The only people you will ever convince of that would be fools.
    Education has escaped into the wild and the Zionist media strangle hold has been loosed.
    The cat is out of the bag.
    The struggle against the illuminarty NWO moves on.
    Invaders do NOT have a lawful right of self defence, thats belongs to the invaded.
    oh,I have a LABEL gun(for shop goods) and if you come near me i will have great fun using it.
    Ps there is NO Satan, only sick idiots seeking justification.

  6. Thanks for the threat Dan. It speaks for itself.

    The Muslim/Arab propaganda campaign will only work on the ignorant. Your threats are simply the false bravado that all Arabs employ. You are too weak to argue with your mind, so you attempt to create some pathetic measure of intimidation.

    Israeli's are transparent and at this point self hating, so you see Dan, there is no reason to lie. Israel even has traitorous Arab MK watching all that goes on.

    Israel has no reason to convince anybody about anything. Jerusalem belongs to them!

    The NWO is not new...it is the old one thank you very much...yawn.

    The Arabs have occupied biblical Israel for long enough. Israel made a mistake when she left Gaza in 2005.

    So where do you stand Dan...Muslim, Arab, Skinhead...is that even your real name bubbela? What is your interest in the ME, why do you hate so much? Noah was your ancestor...that makes us related.

    Your bad prose shows your lack of on line literacy. Your useless points are lost in the poor grammar.

    Bring it on...

    Baruch Hashem!

  7. your ego feels threatened by a shop label gun maybe,??lol.
    you naughty liar you.
    Still that will not surprise me now
    I learnt the hard way never to trust liars.
    Israel seems to be rather more than unpopular around the world at the moment,Israel is full of international Zionist war criminals.
    Israel must arrest them,and get control of itself.

  8. Dan,

    you wrote-

    "Israel seems to be rather more than unpopular around the world at the moment"

    It always has been, because Israel represents the morals and standards Arabs deplore. Arabs prefer to murder, torture and rape without a moral compass. Israel represents that moral standard and it drives the Arabs crazy.
    Hashem has stated Israel is to be the light unto nations. That makes Israel the watchdog. Nobody likes the hall monitor.

    Israel has no reason to convince anybody about anything. Jerusalem belongs to them!

    This is what you are upset about isn't it.

    Again your response contains no facts. When will you do anything but what Arabs do...yell and curse and threaten?

    The Arabs have occupied biblical Israel for long enough. Israel made a mistake when she left Gaza in 2005. Soon this will be rectified.

    Then Judea and Samaria!