January 18, 2009

Saturday-night Rocket Attack on Ashdod, Unilateral Ceasefire as of 2 AM

Red Alert sirens sounded at 10:25 PM local time earlier this evening, followed by two explosions - one distant and the other about a half-mile from my home, in a residential area. This Grad missile landed in the middle of the street, damaging a power line, destroying several cars and damaging a bus. Several of the residents who live in the proximity were treated for shock. Miraculously, no one was injured.

The miracles here continue: earlier on Shabbat, a Grad missile hit a synagogue in Moshav Tifrach near Ofakim. The missile destroyed the synagogue, but it hit shortly after the Shabbat morning prayers when everyone had left the premises.

Hashem is chastising us to better our ways while showing His unfathomable love for us.


Nothing's new under the sun. While the residents of Ashkelon, Beersheva, Sderot, and Ashdod are listening to missiles exploding in the street outside their home, the Prime Minister has declared a unilateral ceasefire while claiming that the Gaza Operation's objectives have been completely met.

Really? Let's ask the ruling triumverate of Olmert, Livni, and Barak a few simple questions:

1. Have the missile attacks on the south of Israel ended? Definitely not.

2. Has Gilead Shalit been freed? No.

3. Has Hamas been defeated? Certainly not.

4. Can anyone guarantee that new armaments won't be smuggled into Gaza? No.

What objectives have been accomplished?

As we have written repeatedly throughout the last three weeks, unless emuna and teshuva become national policies, nothing will have changed. The anti-emuna politicians are turning a valant military accomplishment into an utter failure. It's wake-up time, Israel. Without emuna, there can be no victory. In addition to emuna in Hashem, we must have emuna in the absolute justice of our struggle against international terror. Hamas is none other than a proxy of Iran and Syria. If we prematurely terminate an unfinished task, the coming challenge will be even more difficult, Heaven forbid.

May Hashem have mercy on us.

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