January 14, 2009

Update on Humanitarian Aid Effort In Gaza

Yesterday, a total of 2310 tons of humanitarian aid including basic food commodities, medical supplies and medication were transferred to the Gaza Strip. Also, 156,000 liters of heavy duty diesel for the Gaza power station were conveyed ate Kerem Shalom crossing. The transfer of fuel via Kerem Shalom took place due to limitations at the Nahal Oz fuel depot where the IDF found a terrorist tunnel yesterday. The total shipment of aid yesterday includes 102 trucks of aid and 4 trucks of fuel. The commodities that were conveyed included supplies for UNRWA, the World Food Programme, UNICEF a large Jordanian donation, a donation form Turkey, MAPUK, Norwegian Christian Aid, and goods for the private sector. The goods for the private sector include 208 tons of dairy products and supplies required for maintenance of the water network. Since the beginning of operation "Cast Lead" 24,356 tons of humanitarian aid on 1028 trucks have been shipped to the Gaza Strip.

Benjamin Sack
Officer for Public Affairs

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