March 5, 2014

Zion, Do You not Seek the Welfare of your Captives? (Jonathan Pollard 2007)

The following is an excerpt of a letter written by Jonathon Pollard on Jerusalem Day of last year. His words are even more accurate and painful today.

My Brothers and Sisters, the whole House of Israel

I have been slowly bleeding to death before your very eyes for 21 years! My desperate situation, the result of the Government's treachery and abandonment, is a Chillul HaShem [a desecration of G-d's Name] that screams to the Heavens.

And where is the Nation? I cry out to you from the depths of my soul: Tzion, ha-lo tishalee l'shlom assirayich? "Zion, won't you seek the welfare of your captives! [the first line of a famous poem by 12th-century Jewish philosopher and rabbi Yehudah Halevi, the source of the modern-day concept Prisoner of Zion]"

If Zion will not seek the welfare of her captives, it is not the personal problem of the captives. The problem rests entirely upon Zion and upon all who dwell in Zion.

I do not fear for my own fate. Whatever Heaven decrees for me I will accept with love. But I am filled with dread for the fate of the Nation which I so love. If the Nation continues to allow the Government to ignore the Divine commandment "Do not stand idly by your brother's blood," without crying out or lifting a finger to stop this terrible sin, I am afraid to even to think about what the consequences will be.

I do not know how much time is left. I only hope and pray with all my might, for the sake of the Nation of Israel, that we will all wake up and do what needs to be done, now, before it is too late!

With Love of Israel, Jonathan Pollard


  1. Thank you for posting this. Please G-d let Jonathan go home to Israel.

  2. I agree, but have already conceded the wish's of this anti-Semitic administration led by the most anti-Semitic POTUS (except Carter?) ever.
    Now that the POTUS is a lame duck, his true color is starting to reveal itself. I expect a full court press by them to try to create change in the ME...that will only hurt all of us.