March 3, 2014

Bibi - Do not trust the US to help you


Welcome to the US and may you be guided by Hashem.

As you come to the white house to discuss the ME and Iran etc with the POTUS, remember how well Obama has supported any of the Countries he has drawn red lines with and not backed ANY of them up.

Remember the Us and how well it has supported Israel in prior wars.

Remember the Shoah and that the US intentionally let millions die. Remember.

You can't trust anyone but Hashem.

Do not believe that this false POTUS will or even has the power to do anything.
He is a lame duck and the anti-Semitic factions alive in the US would not allow Obama to do anything...even if he weren't himself anti-Semitic.

Tell him we are a sovereign country and will gladly listen and then do as WE wish!

BIbi, follow Hashems Torah and make decisions we can be proud of you for.


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